About the game

The Froggies Game is a cute action arcade game where you need to save the little froggies of falling into the waterhole.

In order to achieve that you need to catch them using a water lily, and help them reach the dry land. But beware! It isn't as easy as it sounds!

The more frogs you catch, the fastest they come back... and of course, there are some reddish mean frogs willing to scare them!


All the info and explanation about the gameplay, difficulty, configuration menu and more...

Try web version

The web version of THE FROGGIES GAME contains a limited yet totally playable edition. The full game is available free on the ANDROID MARKET.

FAQ w/funny answers

Why is it called The Froggies Game?
Because it´s pretty obvious...?

Isn't that strange that the main goal is to save the frogs of getting wet?
Actually no. These tiny little fellows are very shy and afraid of the water.

If so, why do they jump towards the waterhole then?
Due to their poor IQ perhaps? Or maybe they're just running away from something else. Let's ask them, and get their feedback... oh! Wait! They cannot talk, can they?

What kind of a frog is the reddish one that makes the others run away?
The kind that has pure evil in their veins. They proved to be extremely mean!

Why is it that the background sky changes a lot?
Most probably because you’re about to loose... In a shamely fashion.

There is any special prize for those who achieve the highest record?
No. But if you want you can freeze the game, and hang it to your wall. Or just send it to your friends in order to enjoy being superior to all of the lame losers.

Why are you so rude when answering the questions?
Just because we have red frogs for breakfast...