We’re SempaiGames, an entertainment company devoted to creating video games for mobile devices.

At Sempai we create and publish some games, just because we enjoy testing new concepts and exploring new ideas. Other games are custom made, as requested by our customers, for whom we provide great passion, talent and creativity.

We love this!... And that's why we use iterative cycles in all stages of development: Idea and concept; graphics, audio and video; implementation, quality control and testing; gameplay; tea and coffee; final launch-to-market and upcoming expansions. This process allows us to adjust every detail as many times as necessary to achieve a showroom finish. If this isn’t love, we don’t know how to call it.


We work hard to improve the free-software tools we use to build our video games. Every time we get to achieve that, we contribute those improvements to the community, so others can benefit freely of what we do. Generosity first!

We are very demanding: The same quality we seek from us, we also demand when we work together with other companies and professionals.

Some tell we’re picky... they’re right! We want to leave a good mark on this world, creating games that people enjoy positively. We think that video games should serve to enjoy, entertain, improve, think and learn.