T-Shirts are here!

March - 2016

You can now get SempaiGames' T-Shirts on Amazon. Provided by Amazon Merch, you can get this hich quality tshirts all around the world.
Check the available designs here :)

Do you like crosswords?

December - 2015

We’re starting to build a new kind of crosswords game with multiplayer features. You won’t believe how much fun crosswords can provide once you see this game. What they say is true: We spend more time playing with the prototype than working. We’re thinking about launching this game with a warning label telling how addictive it can be.

Record yourself!

September - 2015

Made a video playing any of our Games? Just upload it on Youtube & send the link to us! We'll promote this video on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, and if it reaches a nice number of views, we’ll also send your a nice T-Shirt or something nice for you to show to your friends :)
Come on! We’re sure we won’t make you famous, but you may win an exclusive T-Shirt or some amazing coffee mug.

More about our mystery game…

August - 2015

While we still can’t provide much information about our monster's game, we can now tell two more details: 1) This will be a puzzle game and 2) Monsters fear humans as much as humans fear monsters!

1.000.000 downloads of Puralax

July - 2015

WOW! Puralax has reached more than 1.000.000 downloads on Android + iOS + BlackBerry devices. This doesn’t even count people playing on web-browsers. Thanks to all Puralax players. We’re really proud of this game :)

Daktylos reviewed @ PuroGames

June - 2015

Did you know PuroGames? It’s a great Indie Game Show hosted on LatinAmerica TV and YouTube. On this episode they’ve reviewed Daktylos :) So thanks @PuroGames!

Techno Puffer

May - 2015

Our last game is here! It’s a casual game called TechnoPuffer, where you need to feed the puffer fish with a healthy diet of black and white balls. Play to beat of the music with this amazing game for Android and iOS :)

About to release a new game!

May - 2015

Next week we’ll be launching Techno Puffer. A colorful, and musical time-killer game. Stay tuned for news :)