Techno Puffer is a highly Visual and Musical game. The goal is to feed the blowfish with a balanced diet of light and dark balls. Whenever you feed it with white balls, the puffer begins to inflate, and when you give it a dark ball, it begins to deflate. You need to avoid the puffer from growing too much until it explodes, or to deflate until it disappears.
SCORES! For each ball used, you get 1 point. You can also get extra points by accomplishing and mixing combos.
COMBOS! At random times, you’ll see a Combo appearing at the top of the screen. This will allow you to get more points. Each combo is a sequence of 5 color balls that you should press in order to complete it. When you complete it successfully, a new one will appear immediately allowing you to combine multiple combos and get even more points.
Combos are also useful to unlock new songs, that you can later select from the music menu. You’ll also be able to enable the random mode to enjoy a different song each time you play.
RANKINGS! Share and compare your score with your friends and the rest of the world. Even more, you have outstanding achievements to unlock.
Play Techno Puffer to the beat of the music, and prevent the blowfish from puffing and popping!